Secondary Department (Age 10-13)

The lower Secondary Department consists of Grades 5 to 8. As soon as students join 5th Grade, they continue with MOE curriculum. However, further focus is given to English literature analysis, writing skills as well as listening and speaking skills, mathematics and science to guarantee that our students are ready to sit for the CIE Checkpoint exams in the three subjects by the end of Grade 8.

Furthermore, students carry on with their e-Learner program to receive their Gold Certificate by the end of Grade 6 which is followed by the ICDL certificate in Grade 7 and ends with Advanced ICDL in Grade 8. Rosary students are also well-prepared in French language which enables them to sit for different levels of the DELF.

Extracurricular activities are also offered at this stage. For example, students are exposed to social skills, presentation skills, music, drama, sports as well as modern and classical literature through language and library sessions.