ICDL (International Computer Driving License): Building Digital Skills for Work and for Life ICDL is a forward-looking and flexible digital skills certification that allows students to develop their computer skills according to their own requirements.

Importance of ICDL
As technology and people’s interaction with it changes, so do the skills that we need to possess to be able to be as efficient as possible in our work, and to participate fully in society. That is why we believe that ICDL enriches our students’ educational experience and better prepares them for the future.

Students who use technology as part of the learning process perform better in school, and are more motivated to learn.

What is ICDL?
ICDL is a computer litarecy certification program provided by ECDL foundation. The ICDL program is made up of a range of modules each of which represents a different set of skills and knowledge areas necessary to be a proficient user of a computer and common computer applications.