Advanced ICDL

We have yet added another extraordinary accomplishment to our long list of accomplishments; the introduction of the Advanced ICDL. Since the start of 2014, eighth graders have been introduced to a new and higher level of the Computer Driver’s License; Advanced ICDL.

The regular ICDL certificate has 7 modules, while the advanced certificate has only 4 modules. The advanced ICDL may have fewer modules; however, it focuses more on the practicality of the subjects instead of the theories.

  • Advanced ICDL has several benefits:
    • Students become experts in using some of the Microsoft office tools, such as Excel, Access, Word and power point.
    • Students might have the opportunity to teach other students.
    • The advanced ICDL certificate will build a strong foundation for students’ which will come in tremendous help once students enter IGCSE, making them go through it with ease.

We are so proud of our beloved students and the results they have achieved in the two exams they have taken so far. With these positive results, we are encouraged to continue teaching the Advanced ICDL, hoping to further benefit our students and bring out the best in them.